Univison wanted to release a new credit card offering to its English and Spanish speaking audience. With the majority of the US Hispanic market being mobile-first, it was a priority to create a bilingual experience with a mobile-first approach. We also needed to create a seamless transition from the offer page to the affiliated bank’s sign-up page.


We assisted Univision in the redesign of their credit card branding. We then took this brand direction and translated it to an online customer experience. And we were commited to keeping the experience and visual tonality consistent and persistent throughout, regardless of device-type and language.

The Challenge

With all of the risks associated to sending sensitive information through online applications, Univision wanted us to keep their experience through to their partnered banks. Because Univision’s branding did not show through to the partnered banks application pages, there was a high bounce rate. We researched the issue and noticed that each partnered bank had different experiences and branding. These differences resulted in new customers feeling as if they were being scammed.

Our Solution

We relied on the existing brand reputation of Univision to develop a series of landing pages that allowed for different offers. Our approach required little customization of their existing backend coding and allowed for a fully flexible front-end UI that could accomodate both English and Spanish too.